Quality Certification- Kent Horizontal Curtain Test


With the continuous development, quality management and R&D, Kent with it’s conscientious work have recently passed  4 HRS TEST for KENT HORIZONTAL CURTAINS  under BS EN Standards🥇

We look forward to provide customers with quality product and competitive pricing to ensure fire safety 


Kent Horizontal Curtains is fire rated assembly designed to function as a horizontally deploying opening protective in ceilings. The system is deployed upon a signal from the local smoke detection system, fire alarm or a smoke control panel System,can be connected to BMS Module. The operation is derived by 230V AC tubular Motor,under power failure situation the curtain is provided with backup options .


• Lightweight & Compact- Reduced headroom requirement

• Flexible Design Solution- Meeting Bespoke requirements.

• Better Aesthetics & Mechanics - we provide clear space with perfect finish under close condition

• System tested in accordnace with BS EN 1634 (Part 1)

• Fabric- VWG690

• Stich Load Test - Fabric tested to 500Pa Pressure

• Fabric Impact Tested - Fabric tested in accordance with BS 5234- 2:1992

• Double severe duty - Fabric 690 tested to severe duty

• Mounting can be done over , under or on the face of the slab according to the requirements