smoke curtains in dubai

Successful Wrap up at big 5 Saudi Arabia 2017

Big 5 Saudi Arabia was a pleasant surprise for the entire team of Kent. After their flight back to Dubai, Kent is happy to have been a part of the magnificent Big 5 Saudi Arabia

Smoke Curtains | What is a smoke Curtain? Kent Explains

Smoke Curtains act as barriers chanellizing smoke in an event of fire to extraction points

Second Installment at Big 5, This time in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia! Kent prepares it self for the Big 5 Saudi Arabia

After the tremendous response at Big 5 Dubai, Kent Smoke and Fire curtains is now gearing up for the next  installment of the biggest construction exhibition in the GCC, in Saudi Arabia in March 2017. Big 5 Saudi Arabia scheduled to take place in Jeddah from 27th March to the 30th of the Month, will see the presence of the Kent smoke and Fire curtains, stepping up their game in the Saudi Markets after successfully setting their foot in the UAE soil. 

Introducing the GCC to the centrally manufactured fire containment solutions, smoke channeling strategies, Kent smoke and Fire curtains is all set to conquer the GCC Markets with it's latest European Technologies for designing the fire solutions.

 Big 5 Saudi Arabia happens to be the fastest growing exhibition for the construction industry (, with its first show having been launched in 2011, will be marking it's 7th year in the industry.

Kent smoke and Fire curtains is in its initial stages of planning their stand which will showcase their fire solutions for this growing industry having an increasing demand for fire curtains. The director at Kent was quoted, "Fire and smoke curtains have been trending for the past few years for their smoke chanelizing properties and features of creating fire barriers in the event of a fire with in a building, creating a layer of protection and safeguarding precious lives" . With changing times, cities all over the world have seen numerous carefully planned complicated designs and modern architectural structures equipped with the fire solutions for times, not so fortunate,  like that offered by the only local manufacturer of smoke and fire curtains in Dubai, UAE. 

Kent, on its way to days of prosperity announces its proud participation at Big 5 Saudi Arabia, 2017 and invites and hopes to see all the industry professionals looking out for fire solutions for a safer living in the new age designed structures offering spaces for residences, luxury offices and factories at stand number 1C90 to understand fire and smoke curtains and their applications. At Kent, our team looks forward to another grand show, this time in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.